Design Ideas For Your Decking

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If you have a deck in your home, then you know the pride that is associated with having a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing decking. This pride is universally shared with all deck owners and is something that can only fully be experienced once you have a deck of your own that you can care for and look after. If you do have a deck, but it’s not up to this same standard of appearance, then it’s a good idea for you to look into hiring a professional in deck sanding and staining to come out and make your deck look brand new.

 If your deck already looks fantastic then great! However, that doesn’t mean your work is finished as there are always new things you can introduce in your home to increase its overall aesthetic appeal.

Cladding on the exterior of your home is one such way that you can breathe some new life into your outdoor area.

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What is cladding?

 Cladding means the use of tiles or other cladding materials like tin that has plenty of strength to cover the exterior facades of different buildings to protect them from the weather as well as provide a means to cover the exterior of the building with a more appealing aesthetic look such as Timber or Aluminium. Timber Cladding has become popular amongst design circles due to its natural fa├žade, which can be easily changed to suit any home aesthetic.

 There are countless different styles of cladding, each of which brings something different to your home. Weatherboards are one such popular use of cladding that can be used to add a rustic and warm look to your home. Weatherboard cladding requires maintenance as it is prone to leaking, wood rot, and is easily weathered. However, with the right care and maintenance, this cladding can be paired beautifully with your outdoor area to highlight your immaculate decking.

Fibre cement wall cladding

 Fibre cement wall cladding protects your property from heavy rain and has low condensation quality. This type of cladding requires painting and can absorb the heat and the cold. There is no insulation here so you will need to add that as an extra. It’s a great option to contrast the natural timber accents of your deck while still giving you the flexibility to adapt it to the look of your home.

Brick cladding

Brick cladding offers numerous benefits, such as resistance to rot, no need for painting, and immunity to termite attacks. However, it has poor waterproofing capabilities, making it essential to manage other aspects of home maintenance. For luxury homes, it’s crucial to ensure that features such as a leaf stopper are in place to prevent issues like blocked gutter. Neglecting these details can lead to water damage, undermining the integrity and appearance of your high-end brick cladding. Proper maintenance and attention to these elements will help preserve the aesthetic and structural quality of your luxury residence.

Steel or metal cladding

When selecting steel or metal cladding for your home’s exterior, it’s crucial to consider how the exterior design complements the interior. London interior designers emphasise the importance of a cohesive design theme that flows seamlessly from the outside in. Steel or metal cladding requires minimal maintenance, is waterproof, and is highly durable, making it a popular choice for residential interior design in London. Available in twenty-two different colours, matt finishes, metallic, and traditional silver finishes, this cladding can be customised to suit most properties. By harmonising the exterior and interior elements, you can create a luxurious and unified aesthetic that enhances the overall appeal of your home.

The aesthetic value of cladding

Architectural cladding works to transform the look of your outdated, dull building structure, much like how timber deck restoration services are used to transform your unappealing decking. Cladding helps create an appealing building that will increase your market value.

Another advantage of wall cladding is that you can protect your building from damage without ongoing maintenance. Once the cladding has been installed, you are not required to carry out regular maintenance or have the cladding often inspected which only costs you time and money. If you care about the aesthetic, then cladding works for you as a quick wash down with clean water can have the cladding looking as good as new.