How To Stay Motivated As An Interior Designer

There are several things that you can do to ensure you keep motivated when working as an interior designer, whether working solo or working in a team. If you are an interior designer in Sydney, you will be exposed to many different types of properties and styles.

Follow these few tips to ensure that you maintain motivation at work.

You Don’t Need To Aim For Perfection

Things don’t need to be pristine to look good. If you enter a room, and everything is too perfect, you will feel like you are not comfortable. It will be awkward and hard to relax as the area will feel staged and harsh. Home interior is not abstract; it is more about the people and the way you can make them feel when they are inside their home or office.

If things are too perfect, they lack character. If you strive too much for perfection, there will be no personality. Instead of creating perfection, try and aim towards a relaxed environment which is more important.

Find Inspiration In Everything

You can get your inspiration from anywhere. Ideas can come from books, shops, relatives, websites, magazines, and so much more. When finding inspiration think about how the room is going to make you feel. You need to create an atmosphere. Before you look for your inspiration, find out about the homeowners first. How do they lead their life, and what form and function will the room take? What are a few things the owners certainly don’t want? Then you can search for inspiration with these points in mind.

Take Your Time When Thinking About Lighting And Colour

When it comes to thinking about the colour and light, you need to take your time. Find a few colours you feel are a good fit and try them on the walls. Get a look at them in different lights like natural light during the day and artificial during the evening. Again, think about how it will make you feel. Bringing yourself into the picture once in a while will help you to feel motivated and feel you are an essential part of the design process.

Lighting is vital as it helps with your mood. You need to have plenty of light sources. These include low-level lighting, ceiling lights and plenty of dimmers. Looking for new items in the colour and lighting world can also help you to stay motivated to bring in new ideas and technology.

Think About Your Impact

Getting yourself to feel motivated can involve doing something as simple as thinking about how your work serves other people. If you are making someone else’s life better and easier, you will become more excited to get up in the morning.

Going Outside The Box

Quite often lacking motivation can stem from doing the same thing over and over again. Home interior designers usually have creative minds that need to be continuously stimulated. Find new ways to try things, and when making decisions think outside of the box to keep yourself motivated.

Reward Yourself

Ensure you give yourself things to look forward to. Rewarding yourself is an excellent way to keep motivated, whether it be from small treats like some chocolate or something bigger like buying yourself that jumper you have wanted for so long. Doing things like this when you finish a job you didn’t like or that dragged on can help keep your motivation alive.

From rewarding yourself to daring to think outside of the box, there are plenty of things that you can do to keep yourself inspired. You need to find what best suits you, your personality and your interests.