3 proven ways to sell your home

sell home

Every home is different, so the practice of selling will also need to reflect that uniqueness. There are three main ways to sell your home based upon your needs as a seller, how quickly you would like your house to sell, the current market, and a multitude of other things you will have to take into account with the assistance of your agent.

  1. Auctions

An auction is a publicly or privately held event organised by your agent on a particular date. It’s the last point after weeks of advertising and marketing, with prospective buyers gathering to bid on your property until the maximum offer is made.

  1. Expression of Interest

The objective of a sale by way of curiosity or purchase by tender is to collect buyers’ best deals by a particular date and time without revealing the last cost the seller is willing to sell for.

  1. Private Treaty

With this procedure, you and your agent will determine the purchase price you want for your property. Then, your agent will individually negotiate with each possible buyer that has shown interest in your property.