Timber Ceilings Are A Must-Have Design Feature

danish oil

Timber ceilings offer a way to create linear textures within a space, comparing the lines of the natural timber grain with the natural variation of the colors in the timber. With such a wide variety of Timber colors, the opportunities are endless, however even if for some reason you are unhappy with the initial color it’s as easy as applying a coat of Danish oil to the Timber which will result in a more desirable tone. 

Timber ceilings are a beautiful work of art and with the fast installation, they are more efficient than any other type of suspended ceiling system that can be found on the market. With such an advanced design you would expect installation to be complex, however, looks can be deceiving as with the right help on hand, installing your very own Timber ceiling is easy!

When time is a factor, we tend to overlook quality. When creating timber batten ceilings you don’t need to sacrifice outstanding results as they are easy to create. Many different profiles are prefinished to allow for a seamless installation. You can choose from a range of different timbers that will transform any ceiling from dull to absolutely amazing with the right timber oil. The installation can be used for residential homes, commercial buildings such as cafes, restaurants, and more.

Type of Timber Ceiling Profiles.

 You will need to find a profile that fits with your home or building to fully unlock the potential that is afforded to you when you install a timber ceiling in your space. The different styles of Timber battens that you can use with your timber ceiling are listed below:

Fin profile battens

this type of profile has defining edges and shadow lines that are very dynamic. You can get these in a square or tapered profile. The fin is used for a more sophisticated look and feels to the room.

Flat profile battens

 These cover more space and use less timber to create a stylish, floating ceiling. Consistent and clean lines help to produce the look of asymmetrical finish for those wanting a contemporary style interior.

Fin combo battens his type is a great choice if you are aiming for diversity in the design. You can choose from never-ending depths and dimensions. With custom intervals, you can be the drive for the results of your ceiling.

Types of Timber 

Once you have chosen the profile that is best suited for your ceiling batten you then need to decide on a species of Timber that will be best in the environment. Hemlock and Western Red Cedar are good for displaying character and visual appeal.


This type is a premium option that is affordable and has outstanding visuals, easy to work with, and is resilient. With light color, it is the key to creating a relaxing ambiance, and as it ages it will move into deeper tones. This timber is cost-effective and gives you a natural effect like no other can.

Western Red Cedar

This is a softwood that is robust, weather-resistant, lightweight and durable. It offers a more rustic, timeless, and contemporary look that is popular at the moment. This wood works well in harsh conditions. Designing timber ceiling batten styles for your ceiling is easy with the right profile, finish, and different timber species. Create a unique look for your rooms. If you don’t feel up to installing yourself, you can get a professional to make and install them for you.