Timber Screen Style Ideas

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Are you a fan of contemporary styles? Or do you like a vintage vibe for your place? Striving to renovate your house simplistically, yet it must look elegant? Well, we are here to rescue you in your moments of trouble. Timber screen design is a way in which you can elevate the appearance of your home with minimal effort and cost. Just make sure to coat it with an appropriate finish such as a timber sealer to prevent damage and wear.

The timber screens are installed in a way so that the space between the sticks can let the light come into the house and let your home look alive with the rays of the sun.

The majority of the people in Australia make sure to install timber sticks in their homes as they prefer to have the contemporary yet simple aura that it creates, as well as the kind of benefits that it provides. The timber screen styles are incredibly stylish yet simplistic ideas. 

It enhances the outlook of the space of either the garden room, your living room, office, guest room, or more. The timber screen styles not only transform the space into a contemporary style but also provide the place with the benefits of privacy.

The timber has the qualities of making the space soundproof and keeps the unwanted sounds inside the walls only. The timber articles intensify the place with peace, motivation, and delicacy for the people residing in that space. Timber is also great as it is easy to change its appearance, you can simply apply a nice Merbau decking oil to achieve a darker tone that accentuates the natural grain of the wood. Numerous types of Timber screen styles will drastically transform your place with minimum effort. The following timber styles are majorly installed by countless Australians and Americans for renovating their place, and they are as follows: 


This timber screen style means that the timber sticks are placed in a horizontal way, which flares the boundary of the place and makes it look more broad and spacious. The horizontal screen styles enhance the broadness of the house and bring a contemporary look to the place. 


This is another Slat timber screen style in which the sticks of timber are placed vertically. It makes the place look more spacious in a vertical way, such as those massive long buildings.

Picket timber screen style 

The picket timber screen style delivers a vintage look to the place. It makes sure to create an old-fashioned, yet chic outlook for the place may it either be a house or an office. The picket timber screen style goes with everything. It also protects the place from bugs or heat. People admire the vintage layout of the places that pick the picket timber screen styles for their homes. 

Lapped screen style 

This screen style is immensely popular in various places in Australia. This style includes multiple layers of screening to cover the boundary of the place. This timber design does not have space in between the timber sheets. This type of timber sheet provides an excessive amount of privacy to the people for chilling out in the garden area or living room.

Capped screen style 

This style of timber screening is quite famous for its work with pine. The capped screen style lets the people enhance their home’s beauty with pine on the upper side of the timber sticks and also ensures to deliver a safe boundary for the people. It protects the home or office from weather disasters or environmental change. Moreover, it provides a clean yet chic boundary design that makes the place look astonishing.